Body Forming

Body shaping surgeries are operations that are applied in case of an unwanted appearance on the body of the person for various reasons and aim to eliminate this situation. It aims to remove excess skin that occurs after excessive weight loss or pregnancy. Or they are operations to eliminate genetically existing or subsequent deformations or asymmetry in the body. It can be applied alone or in combination, depending on the person's condition and preferences.


Liposuction, which is applied to remove regional fat in the body, is applied to remove excess fat tissue under the skin. With the liposuction method, excess fat tissue from the abdomen, sides, back, hips, buttocks and arms as well as the jowl area are removed by vacuum method and shaping is aimed in the area where the fat is removed.


The operation takes an average of 1-3 hours, depending on the size of the areas to be applied under general anesthesia. It is applied through incisions of approximately 3-5 mm. Liposuction applied to correct regional fat is usually combined with abdominal, arm and thigh stretching surgeries. It can be applied to suitable people as a result of pre-operative consultation and tests.


For small and restricted areas, application with local anesthesia can be planned. The day of surgery is spent in the hospital. Edema, tension and discomfort may occur in the first week after surgery. It is recommended to use a corset for the first 4-5 weeks. Heavy sports are not recommended for 2 weeks after surgery.


Liposuction is one of the most frequently applied aesthetic surgical operations that allows the removal of fat tissues in the body by vacuum method. This process is not a weight loss method, but is applied for regional shaping.


Abdominoplasty operations are usually performed to remove excess sagging skin tissue around the navel and to tighten loose tissues in the abdominal wall.


Tummy tuck surgery is applied to people who experience excessive weight change and who have sagging skin and fat accumulation in the abdomen, along with skin cracks and fat accumulation in the abdomen after birth. Due to the effect of the loosened abdominal muscles during pregnancy, a loose appearance may occur in the abdomen and the deterioration of the body lines of the person may cause disproportion. This situation affects the person negatively both in terms of health and appearance. Abdominoplasty aims to eliminate the problems arising from this situation both physically and socially.


If a diet is applied before the tummy tuck surgery, the weight loss process is evaluated by the doctor within the necessary tests, and waiting for the person to drop to the ideal weight ensures that the results are at a more successful and planned level. It is recommended to quit smoking 2-3 weeks before the surgery. Since the operation is usually combined with liposuction, using a corset for 4-6 weeks after the operation can accelerate the healing process in terms of adaptation to the body shape and rapid regression of edema. The operation takes an average of 3 hours under general anesthesia. Incision scars are planned to remain below the bikini line.


After the operation, the patient stays in the hospital for an average of 2 days. It is recommended that you walk in a slightly inclined position for a certain period of time during your hospital stay. The use of corsets for 4-6 weeks after surgery can accelerate the healing process in terms of adaptation to the body shape and rapid regression of edema. It is recommended that you walk in a suitable position as much as possible after the surgery. Walking is effective in reducing complications and accelerating recovery. After the tummy tuck, the person can return to his daily life provided that he avoids heavy activities for the first two weeks. It is possible to return to activities such as sports after an average of 5-6 weeks. After the surgery, the full result occurs on average in 4-6 months.


Excess skin due to weight loss, fat accumulation or age-related loss of elasticity may disturb the person. This is often seen after weight loss surgeries. In this case, considering the condition of the person in arm aesthetics, liposuction or arm stretching operations may be preferred.


The method to be used in arm sagging depends on skin elasticity and how much fat is under the skin. If skin sagging is mild and subcutaneous fat accumulation is high, liposuction may be preferred. In this way, plump-looking skin sagging can be removed to some extent and the healing process takes place in a shorter time. However, if the skin sagging has progressed, an arm stretching operation is applied. Considering the condition of the subcutaneous fat tissue, arm lift operation can usually be performed together with liposuction. The incision scar is shaped as a line in the middle of the back of the arm.


The operation takes an average of two hours under general anesthesia. The day of surgery is spent in the hospital. There may be edema, tension and discomfort in the first week after surgery. It is recommended to use a corset for the first 4 weeks. Heavy sports are not recommended for 5-6 weeks after the surgery. Although the scars that are obvious at first differ from person to person, they will approach the color of the skin over time with the medical treatments to be applied after the surgery.


Arm lift is an aesthetic operation that aims to remove the sagging skin tissue on the arm.


Thigh lift surgery is an aesthetic operation performed on the upper leg area to remove the saggy skin tissue in the thigh area and to eliminate the uncomfortable appearance.


Excessive weight loss, fat accumulation on the skin, frequent weight changes, pregnancy or loss of elasticity due to age can be disturbing and this is usually seen after weight loss surgeries. In this case, the method applied may vary from person to person. hip aesthetics. Liposuction or thigh lift operations can be preferred from person to person. The method to be used varies according to the elasticity of the skin and the condition of the fat accumulation under the skin. If skin sagging is mild and subcutaneous fat accumulation is high, liposuction and plasma tightening may be preferred. In this way, skin sagging can be removed to some extent and the healing process takes place in a shorter time. In cases where the skin sagging is excessive, the thigh lift operation is applied.


The operation takes an average of 2-4 hours with general anesthesia. The day of surgery is spent in the hospital. The scar extending on the upper thigh or inner thigh can be planned together on both the upper thigh line and the thigh according to the needs of the person, and repair is provided after the tissue is removed. The incision site is planned considering the needs of the person.


In the first weeks after surgery, edema, tension and discomfort may occur. It is recommended to use a corset for 4-5 weeks after the operation. After the thigh stretching, the person can return to his daily life provided that he stays away from heavy activities for the first two weeks and can return to activities such as sports after an average of 5-6 weeks. Uncontrolled and excessive movement may cause wound healing disorders.


It is used in areas where sagging of the skin is common such as the jowl, chin, arms, thighs, abdomen, back and sides. It aims to tighten the excess and saggy skin. Especially in the liposuction process applied after excessive weight loss, relaxation and sagging of the skin can be observed with the reduction of subcutaneous fat tissue. In order to prevent this situation, it is recommended to use Argo plasma together with body shaping surgeries.


Plasma tightens loosened collagen fibers and stimulates new collagen production. This method aims to tighten only the necessary tissue without damaging other structures. The application is carried out with the Argo Plasma generator, which combines the properties of Argon Plasma with radio waves.


Recovery time after the procedure is not long and varies according to combined surgeries. Although the first effect is seen immediately after the operation, the full result is seen after 2-3 weeks.


Plasma Technology, which has been used in many fields of medicine for years, is a treatment method that we recommend to be used together with tummy tuck, arm lift, 360 degree liposuction and similar body shaping operations. Body shaping operations, especially in plastic surgery, are a treatment method used to remove sagging skin caused by excessive weight loss.

BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) Surgery

Bbl, also known as Brazilian butt lift surgery, is an operation to increase hip size or improve hip shape and give voluminous, plump, curvy butt lines.

Why is the BBL Procedure Done?

There are several different reasons for having BBL surgery. One of them is to contour the hip shape and create clear lines, and the other is to increase the size of the hip or butt. Some patients prefer to have BBL surgery to bring their body proportions to a more balanced appearance.

How is the BBL Procedure Performed?

BBL surgery is performed under general anesthesia, takes about 4 hours and the patient stays in the hospital for two nights. The fat taken from the waist circumference and abdomen of the patient is made ready for injection after a certain process and is injected into the hip or buttocks. The injection is administered between the skin and the muscle. In total, 60% of the transferred fat remains in the body for life and maintains its volume.

Post-operative process of BBL procedure?

Bruising and swelling may occur after the surgery, and the patient may feel slight pain at the liposuction and injection site. Usually this pain is controlled and reduced with painkillers.
After the BBL procedure, it is necessary to wear printed clothing for 6 weeks.
Genellikle drenler işlemden 3-4 gün sonra çıkarılır. Hastanın enjeksiyon bölgesine baskı yapmaması için 6 hafta boyunca özel bir BBL yastığı ile oturması ve uyuması gerekir. Nihai sonucun %80’i 2 ay sonra görülür. Nihai sonuç ameliyattan bir yıl sonra ortaya çıkar.

Why is Mommy Makeover done?

A woman's body changes due to hormones and weight gain, especially during pregnancy and postpartum. This can cause a saggy skin problem and deformities may occur in different parts of the body. Therefore, patients may need different procedures in the same session or in different consecutive sessions. Maternal aesthetic surgery is performed to erase the traces of pregnancy and achieve the desired appearance.

How is the Mommy Makeover (Maternity Aesthetics) Process Done?

Since maternal aesthetic surgery includes different surgeries in a single session and is performed under general anesthesia, it requires 2 nights of hospital stay. Maternal aesthetic surgeries take approximately 4.5 to 6 hours compared to combined surgeries. Patients should stay in Istanbul for about 10 days.

Mommy Makeover (Maternity Aesthetics) Post-Surgery Process?

Ameliyat türlerine göre anne estetiği sonrası hasta ameliyat sonrası korse giymeli ve 6 hafta boyunca ağır cisimler taşımamalıdır. Tüm insizyon hatları steristriplerle kapatıldığı için hastaların günlük pansuman bakımına ihtiyacı yoktur ancak enfeksiyon riskinden kaçınmak için stripler kuru tutulmalıdır. Bir diğer önemli nokta ise hasta sigara içiyorsa ameliyattan 4 hafta önce ve ameliyattan 4 hafta sonra sigarayı bırakmalıdır çünkü sigara kan dolaşımını etkiler ve ameliyat sonrası yara iyileşme sorunlarına neden olabilir. Bir hasta yara iyileşmesi sorunları yaşıyorsa, genellikle günlük pansuman bakımı ve antibiyotik kremlerle tedavi edilir. Genellikle nihai sonucun %80’i işlemden 2 ay sonra görülür. Hastalar nihai sonuçlarını ameliyattan 1 yıl sonra görebilirler.

Mommy Makeover (Maternity Aesthetics)

Maternal aesthetics is a combination of surgeries performed to restore the patient's pre-pregnancy body appearance. For example, it can be a combination of breast surgeries and body shaping or tummy tuck and breast lift and many more options depending on the patient's needs.

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