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Depending on the patient's needs, vaginoplasty operations can be performed or both can be combined. Labiaplasty is an operation to correct problems in the labia, while vaginoplasty is an operation to narrow the vagina.

Why is vaginoplasty done?

There may be loosening and enlargement of the vaginal tissues, especially after birth or with aging. This can lead to sexual dysfunction and loss of self-confidence. Vaginoplasty is performed to narrow the vagina.

How is Vaginoplasty Performed?

The technique to be used is determined by the condition of the person. While laser vaginoplasty, which is a non-surgical method, can be applied in mild enlargements, surgical intervention is preferred in advanced cases.
In the procedures performed with the laser vaginoplasty method, the person can continue his/her daily life after the procedure, it does not require anesthesia and the recovery process is a painless process except for mild pain. The effect of the procedure is seen within a few weeks.
In surgical vaginoplasty procedures, the tissues inside the vagina are narrowed and applied surgically. The process takes an average of 1 hour. No need for hospitalization

What is the Post-Surgery Process?

It is not recommended to have sexual intercourse for 6 weeks after laser vaginoplasty.
In surgical vaginoplasty, the tissues inside the vagina are tightened and vaginoplasty is applied. No need to stay in hospital. There may be pain after the surgery, this pain can be relieved with painkillers. Slight bleeding may occur. Recovery takes an average of 1 week. It is not recommended to have sexual intercourse for the first 6 months after surgical vaginoplasty.
Enlargement of the Outer Labia

Smaller outer lips may not be sufficient to cover the inner genital folds. In this case, the outer lip volume can be increased by injecting fat from the person's own body or using artificial fillers.

Removal of Excess Fat in the Inguinal Area
Excess fat in the upper part of the genital area can be treated with liposuction. This process can be combined with other genital processes.


The process of restructuring and narrowing the vagina is called vaginoplasty.


Labiaplasty is a surgery to reduce the size of the inner lips and leave behind the natural folds of the inner lips.

Why is Labiaplasty Done?

The fact that the external genitalia does not cover the inner lips of the person and the inner lips are enlarged more than necessary can cause both visual and functional disorders. It can affect the choice of clothing from time to time. Germs that accumulate between the folds can cause genital infections, while hygiene disorders can cause an unpleasant odor. This can lead to loss of self-confidence and sexual dysfunctions.

How is Labiaplasty Done?

The operation is usually performed with local anesthesia or sedation. The operation is performed by removing the excess lower part and leaving the natural folds of the inner lips behind. There is no need to stay in the hospital.

What is the Post-Surgery Process?

Average recovery time is 1 week. It is recommended to perform the operation at the end of the menstrual period in order for the person to recover until the next period. After the procedure, the patient should not have sexual intercourse for 4 weeks. Bleeding may occur rarely after surgery. No significant pain is observed, but if it does, it can be relieved with painkillers. Rarely, wound dehiscence (wound dehiscence) may develop due to fungal infection. In this case, gynecological control is recommended.

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